Chuckie Egg

by Nigel Alderton
A'n'F Software
Sinclair User Issue 22, Jan 1984   page(s) 42


Chuckie Egg for the 48K Spectrum presents yet another variation on the Donkey Kong theme. here the object is to negotiate a system of platforms and ladders, picking up eggs and corn on each level while pursued by giant ducks.

It is surprising that the ducks give you less concern than the ladders. Whether intentionally or not, the game makes it difficult to get on or off the ladders unless you are in the proper position. The slightest touch on the key might make you over-shoot your target and, as the ducks approach, you will find yourself unable to move out of the way.

The game also offers a jump facility but judging your leaps accurately is no easier than climbing the ladders. Nor is it any use thinking you can wait for the ducks to cruise past you because you are playing against the clock and might run out of time.

Each level presents new challenges, such as bigger gaps in the platforms on level two, and moving lifts on which you must try to jump on level three. Fortunately you have three lives on each level, which obviates the need to return to the beginning again each time you are mauled by a duck.

Even though the difficulty of using the ladders as an escape route slows the game considerably, Chuckle Egg manages to be highly addictive and has appealing graphics and sound. It is produced by A & F Software, 830 Hyde Road, Gorton, Manchester M18 7JD, and costs £6.90.

Gilbert Factor: 8/10

Transcript by Chris Bourne

Sinclair User Issue 32, Nov 1984   page(s) 21

One of the first games to get away from the space invader mentality with a fresh and unusual plot, Chuckie Egg is a ladders and levels game in which you must pick up eggs while avoiding the broody hens. Once all the eggs on one level are picked up you ascend to the next floor of the hen-house and, if lucky, get a sizable bonus.

The program, originally written for the ZX81, was a forerunner of the Manic Miner type of game. It renewed gamers' faith in the software industry and boosted creative thought in games design.

Position 19/50

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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