Seymour Goes to Hollywood

by Allister Brimble, Chris Graham, Peter J. Ranson, R. Fred Williams, Shan Savage
Code Masters Ltd
Sinclair User Issue 118, Dec 1991   page(s) 57

Label: Code Masters
Memory: 48K/128K
Price: £3.99 Tape
Reviewer: Big Al Dykes

Dizzy is a character we are by now all familiar with in Magic land and Fantasy world. But believe it or not he has a real-world cousin named Seymour who finds himself in this, his first adventure, pitted against the larger-than-life characters and pitfalls of good old tinseltown; Hollywood.

Seymour is apparently a film star and thus feels he has earned the right to hob nob with the big boys in sin city LA. The loading screen fills viewers with hope as famous hollywood characters like Robocop are sketched rather nicely in familiar poses, however we don't actually see much of these in the actual game! Instead we're presented with a classic Dizzy pick up the pieces and deposit them in the right place or the right person's hand scenario and, as Barry Norman would say, "Why not?"

The graphics are very cartoon orientated and can be quite humourous. Seymour looks rather like peeled potato on legs and is usually only taken seriously by the other game characters when he is wearing a pair of film star sunglasses. Watch out for his secretary, she's very nice. A real sweet potato! The soundtrack is fine too.

Dizzy seems to have a charmed life as a character and I don't think his fans will be too disappointed with Seymour. Even if he is a potato he may not be an instant Smash with everyone.

Wondering around the studios of Hollywood could have been more spectacular - but this 'real world' Dizzy is entertaining.

Graphics: 71%
Sound: 70%
Playability: 65%
Lastability: 67%
Overall: 69%

Summary: Good all round fun in a Dizzy sort of way. Seymour wanders around the maze that is hollywood and everyone has a good time.

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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