Murray Mouse Supercop

by Lorenz Twins, Michael A. Sanderson
Code Masters Ltd
Sinclair User Issue 123, May 1992   page(s) 32

As a young child in west London I was always getting into trouble. Other parents used to scold their children or give them a quick whack with a slipper (which is a very bad thing to do) but my parents had a particularly heinous way of dealing with my misbehaviour.

They used to make sit in front of the TV, watch Coronation Street and, wait for it, eat half a pound of Gorgonzola cheese. My breath was smelly and all the other kids used to tease me something awful (they don't now 'cos I'm at least a foot taller than any of them). Anyway one night a mouse crept into the larder and ate their cheese. It was dead the next morning (that Gorgonzola is strong stuff) but ever since I've loved mice.

Now it's your chance to become a mouse. Put on your Mickey mouse mask, start chewing holes all over your house, then buy a pair of Nike Air trainers so you can jump and run like a raving loony for hours on end.

It's time to stop the forces of evil from stealing all the cheese in the world (though I really don't care), and become a hero. This is the basic story behind Codie's latest budget character Murray Mouse. Murray is apparently a super cop and the reigning all England Dutch Red cheese eating champion (having beaten the likes of Danger Mouse into first place). He must battle against the Moufia to save the cheesy moon from been taking over and eaten. Along the way he must also save ten of his mouse pals.

Murray Mouse is a puzzle/adventure game where you have to collect objects and use them in various parts of the game to help you progress further. It is a rather odd game because messages keep appearing every minute telling you about the area you're in, what to expect next and even the odd joke or two. For example: "Why did the mushroom go to the party; Because he was a fun guy". Yes, it is bad but this is the sort of thing you have to put up with in the search of good games.

Murray Mouse in Mouse Mania is a fun game. Collect tots of important items and save your pals in a colourful world with big and clear sprites everywhere. It does however have downsides: The only real sound is the pitter patter of the famous rodent's feet as he potters around his cheesy world while control of the main sprite is unfortunately rather poor. However, putting these complaints aside, Murray Mouse is a fine, playable game that is in the final analysis worth a look.

Label: Code Masters
Memory: 48K/128K
Price: £3.99 Tape
Reviewer: Cyril Herelle

ALAN: Murray Mouse isn't the most impressive or original game I've seen lately but it does have enough charm and playability to make it a favourite and another possible cult hit from Code Masters.

Graphics: 80%
Sound: 43%
Playability: 67%
Lastability: 69%
Overall: 78%

Summary: First there was Mighty Mouse, the Danger Mouse and now Murray Mouse. He may not make it to the big time like his famous relatives but there is plenty of potential in this game for you to make him your own little big-eared star in the safety of your own abode.

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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