Flight from the Dark

by Five Ways Software Ltd, Gary Chalk
Sinclair User Issue 34, Jan 1985   page(s) 44


Memory: 48K
Price: £8.95

Before your very eyes the bestial forces of the Darklords have destroyed your monastery and friends. Revenge is in your heart but you must first reach the capital and warn the king of the impending onslaught. War and danger will bedevil your every step.

Flight from the Dark is the computer version of the Arrow single role-play book and the program is packaged with it for double enjoyment and references. The program contains new situations but follows the original plot and the screen display will show if you are dealing with a section of the book by indicating the relevant paragraph.

Options are scrolled up below the graphic display and the choice is made by a key-press. Other actions are also controlled by single keys and an overlay is provided for the purpose - this could have been made more solidly.

The graphics are animated and you are shown walking or riding through the locations. If you encounter an enemy there is a very clever combat sequence which allows you to thrust, swipe, chop and parry with whatever weapons you currently hold. This is in real time and can be a nail biting experience as your survival will depend on the fighting skill you have built up in the course of your travels.

Addicts of the book version will find the program every bit as demanding and exciting. The general quality of the graphics enhances that pleasure.

Gilbert Factor: 8/10

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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