by David S. Reidy, Keith Warrington
Sinclair User Issue 25, Apr 1984   page(s) 40


Memory: 48K
Price: £5.95
Joystick: Most joysticks - key program option

Find the ghost rider and race to death in Wheelie, a motor-cycle game for the 48K Spectrum. Before you can take part in this death race you will have to hunt through the many strange roads in the cavern scenario for the mysterious figure on a motor-cycle who will be your opponent.

In the caverns you will find hazards such as buses and cars to jump over, ice and gas to avoid, and ramps to pass over to reach the various parts of the cave system.

Your machine has all the latest equipment and will accelerate to phenomenal speeds. You should be careful, however, as many of the roads in the ghost rider's world are dead ends.

When you crash your rider will fly from his machine and skid to a halt on the road. While the animation is excellent, during those effects the crash sequence is a little too graphic and some people might find it tasteless.

Wheelie can be obtained from Microsphere Computer Services Ltd, 72 Roseby Road, London N10 2LA.

Gilbert Factor: 7/10

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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