Scuba Dive

by Mike A. Richardson, Tim Hayward, Ron Jeffs
Durell Software Ltd
Sinclair User Issue 24, Mar 1984   page(s) 13

Memory: 48K
Price: £5.95
Joystick: Most programmable

Dive into the depths of the ocean to collect pearls from the oysters in Scuba Dive for the 48K Spectrum. You must jump into the water from your boat and scuba your way through the hazards, including sharks and squid. If you pass them you will have to slow down so that you do not hit your head on the sea bottom. When the oysters open you can collect your treasure but, again, do not get trapped.

As you go down further, aquatic life will change and the sharks will get bigger. You will also meet the octopus which guards the way into another level.

Pass the octopus and you will enter an even more dangerous domain. Once you have entered you will have to collect your pearls from the giant clams and they have a nasty tendency to close on your head.

Scuba Dive is an impressive and original game. The effect of underwater diving is achieved so well that you could imagine you are looking into the perils of the deep.

The arcade display has a three-dimensional quality about it and the movements of the various sea creatures you will meet have been incorporated carefully into the game to make it a fairly accurate interpretation of life under water.

As well as having the pearls to collect you might find a treasure chest from a sunken galleon on your travels. There are three types of chest and the amount of points you score obtaining the treasure will depend on which level of the game you are playing.

Scuba Dive, with full aquarium of dangerous predators, can be obtained from Durrel Software.

Gilbert Factor: 9/10

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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