by Jas C. Brooke, Mark Cooksey, Rory C. Green, Sean Speacer
Sinclair User Issue 73, Apr 1988   page(s) 70

Label: Go!
Author: Future Concepts
Price: £8.99
Memory: 48K/128K
Joystick: Kempston
Reviewer: Tony Dillon

I love original ideas, and Ramparts has to have one of the most original gameplay ideas I've ever seen. You get to play a very large being who climbs up buildings, hitting them in order to knock huge holes in them, collecting food and picking up little folk and eating them... The only problem is - it's an original idea that's been done before. It's Rampage, innit? Yeah it is, though to be honest, it's not as good.

You play one of two knights, either Sir Griswold or Sir Larkin, verily two of the most enormous blokes in computerland. They weren't always giants though. In the beginning they were regular knights, but they were cursed and transformed into the huge Denis Roussofs they are now. In order to restore themselves to their former glory, they have to ravage all the castles in the land, and to ravage them, they have to climb up them and go boom-bang-a-bang (Norway - nil points) and knock them buildings down.

Guns, cannons and catapults bar your way, and are fired from windows and floor alike. You can of course just punch these to destroy them, but hits will reduce your energy. You can replenish said energy by eating the food that can be found in the windows, and believe you me there is a lot of it. In fact, so much that I got amazingly far into the game on my third go (just after you left, Dicky) and really the screens are very easy to do. Talking of screens, they're completely disgusting. The colour scheme used is so terrible you can't tell where separate towers begin and end.

In a nutshell, Ramparts is Rampage with Mediaeval knobs on, but Rampage is so much better.

Overall: 5/10

Summary: Graphically poor and vastly unplayable Rampage rip off. US Gold has done better.

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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