by Chris Hinsley
Mikro-Gen Ltd
Sinclair User Issue 33, December 1984   page(s) 39


YOU ARE a Wally, trapped in a nightmare in which familiar objects turn on you as you desperately try to escape from the manic dreamscape. All you have to do to wake up is find the alarm clock.

According to Pyjamarama, an hilarious arcade adventure with stunning sprite graphics, a Wally's idea of a nightmare means being hit by roast chickens, bowled over by spinning dinner plates, attacked by an astral machete, or buzzed by revolving saws. After all, that is what makes a Wally.

In order to reach the alarm clock you have to travel through rooms in which your wildest fantasies are acted out. The ceiling in one room is made up of a gigantic space invader game in which you must blast the invading aliens.

On your travels you must take time to pick up objects which may or may not be useful in the completion of your quest.

A variety of objects dog your movement but the secret passages, found on the ground floor within barrels, should speed you on your way. Bouncing upstairs and sliding down the bannisters will also bring the object of your quest nearer.

Once you have dodged the chicken bombardment, the flying scissors and the falling books you are beset by ghosts in the cellar. Some of the objects are not so familiar - not even Wally could expect a magnet under the table or a rocket in the hall.

The action, plot and graphics of Pyjamarama from MikroGen are great. This Wally is a winner.

John Gilbert

Memory: 48K
Price: £6.95

Gilbert Factor: 8/10

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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