Popeye 2

by Mike J. Lister, Paul A. Bellamy, Richard Stevenson
Alternative Software Ltd
Sinclair User Issue 111, May 1991   page(s) 34,35

Label: Alternative Software
Memory: 48K/128K
Price: £2.99 Tape
Reviewer: Steve Keen

It will probably shock the socks off the die-hard Popeye fans amongst you, but I've never found the antics of the sailor and his chums particularly enthralling, or even funny. The constant shrieking and squeaking of Olive Oyl coupled with out-dated corny story lines puts me firmly on Brutus's side of the fence every time.

Basically this is a beefed up Donkey Kong on a building site (etc). The object is to rescue the termlnallly ugly Olive Oyl (professional goillie!) from the evil clutches of Brutus. But where has the bearded one taken the dumb floosie to commit his dastardly deeds. Why up to the top of a semi-completed tower block of course fool. Where else!

All the cartoon characters are here including Wimpy, the burger guzzling blimp. He's strangely decided to have his lunch six hundred feet up just to keep our hero company. The only trouble is he's forgotten his burgers so you have to go round and collect them for him before he'll let Popeye pass. In the mean time Sweetpea's slowly crawling nonchalantly towards the edge of the scaffolding. Save him before the unsuspecting passers by are hit by his tailing body and covered in semi digested Farlies Rusks! Thinking it can't get worse? Well you've also got to diffuse Brutus's bombs and dodge his barrels in true Donkey Esq style.

The sprites are very well drawn but lack colour. Still they make you come back for more just to see what's in store. Control of Popeye himself is less appealing. Too many times I was flattened by a falling barrel that had suddenly appeared at the top of a screen I was just moving onto or burnt to a frazzle by the mysterious self working blow torch that strips off all body hair with a blink of its pilot light.

Overall it has to be said an uninspiring game with pretty wrapping. This could have made an excellent beat-'em-up instead it's an average platform.

All this bulging muscle and spinach reminds me of a chicken balti - nce when you really fancy it, but only good enough for the ocassional outing.

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Graphics: 80%
Sound: 56%
Playability: 75%
Lastability: 77%
Overall: 73%

Summary: Nice sprites do not a good game make. The type of game you get on the cover of Crash! Not bad, just not great.

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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