by Intelligent Design Ltd: Malcolm J. Smith
Screen 7 Ltd
Sinclair User Issue 89, August 1989   page(s) 32

Der ner... der ner... der ner, der ner dunda dunda dunda... yikes and cripes here comes old toothy chops himself, and it's up to you to mash him up into shark kebabs. Ready? Well here we go.

Jaws is lurking around the various beaches of Amity, and playing the role of Brodie, the island's chief of police, it is your job to rid the shores of this deep sea beastie. If that job isn't tricky enough it seems that your 'trusty' diving team have lost all the equipment needed to kill the sharky dead. This consists of four gun parts which have sunk to the bottom of a huge underwater cavern.

So all you have to do is drop into the briney in your submarine type boat (it actually looks like a munchman from Pacland) and collect the four gun bits, then give Fish face three blasts in the mush and that's it. No it isn't. You also have to kill of plenty of sea creatures and pick up treasure as well - blimey o-flip they don't ask for much in these games.

Let me tell you about these sea creatures. Some of them flash (ooer) and some of them don't. You can blast the non-flashy ones no problem, but the flashy creatures have to be hit with mega-bullets before they croak. So when you see the mega-bullets bleeping away on your control panel at the top of the screen it's time to give old flashy just what he deserves.

Now and again, after shooting a sea creature he may turn into a time bomb. When this happens rush off the screen like billy-o or you'll be blown to smitherines.

One thing to bear in mind is, if Jaws should float by with his teeth a-gnashing and you haven't yet managed to collect the four gun bits, don't try to shoot him with ordinary bullets - they will have no affect whatsoever.

Another major part of the game is a strategy section. As chief of police you can decide whether to close beaches around the island to guard against shark attacks. On the one hand you will be saving swimmers lives yet on the other you will make Amity's mayor angry because you are turning tourists and their money away from the island. If you close all the beaches you will also lose your job - so it's time to make a few decisions after checking the mayorometer and weather guages (hot weather means a busy beach and big profits, would it be wise to close it?).

Unfortunately, I didn't find this section of the game too exciting, preferring to just trundle around the caverns blamming all the sea beasties.

Earlier on I mentioned the huge underwater cavern. Well, let me tell you, calling it huge has got to be the understatement of the century. I managed to get through at least 30 screens and was told by manufacturers, Screen 7, that I'd only ventured into one fifth of the entire game. Now it took me bloomin' ages to get through that lot, so by my reckoning I should be able to complete Jaws in about 3 weeks time. Sorry, but this game with its slow scrolling and general lack of excitement just doesn't make me want to play for much longer than 10 minutes.

The graphics are fair, I guess, with the most exciting creature being Jaws himself (and you don't see him too often either).

The main problems with this game are the fact that it's far too big, treasure hardly ever appears on screen and I didn't even manage to find one gun bit, let alone four, so had no chance of conquering Mr Fish. Will I ever get through this game? I think there's more chance of me being knighted.

Label: Screen 7
Author: In House
Price: £8.95
Memory: 48K/128K
Joystick: various
Reviewer: Alison Skeat

Graphics: 68%
Sound: 68%
Playability: 66%
Lastability: 71%
Overall: 63%

Summary: Fair underwater shark shooty game. Strategy bit too tedious.

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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