The Inheritance: Panic in Las Vegas

by Gilles Blancon
Sinclair User Issue 60, Mar 1987   page(s) 23

Label: Infogrames
Price: £9.95
Joystick: various
Memory: 48K/128K
Reviewer: John Gilbert

Your dear old aunt's popped her sox just in the nick of time.

You're up to your light bulbs in debt, sitting on a worm worn mattress and twisting a tightly knotted noose through your fingers when the caretaker delivers a life saving telegram. Aunty's left you a whacking parcel of money to sweep clear away all your problems. All you've got to do is fly to Las Vegas and win a million dollars in one night. Do that and her huge fortune is yours.

By itself the problem might be simple but this game's in three Loads of logic crunching conundrums.

When you first load the game you'd be forgiven for thinking that it's some sort of a sequel to Vera Cruz - Infogrames' first epic. You're in a bedsit this time with a sink - complete with toothbrush holder, suitcase, tallboy, and no instructions but, the Vera Cruz Pick up/Drop/Inspect cursor is there to let you scan the scene with joystick or keyboard.

You've got to escape from your high rise end travel across town before you get the 'plane to Vegas. You're on the seventh floor and the lift stops at almost every level where you'll be accosted by an irate friend or associate demanding that you hand back objects that they've loaned you. If you don't have the particular item you're sent back to your room to collect it - and time keeps ticking away...

All the objects on loan are stored in the draws and cupboards of the tallboy. Pick up the bag with the cursor, select an object and drop it inside. The bag'll hold six objects, but you can pick up the $200 on the plate by the window and stuff it in your pocket. Look after that money.

If you play properly, you'll only have to make one trip back to your room to pick up more goodies. The people who pop up on the various floors look fairly randomly distributed but there are only four or five of them. At first you'll have to take pot luck with what belongs to whom, but soon you'll see that the gun belongs to the man with the wicked looking face, the iron belongs to the woman in curlers and the comb belongs to the swarthy-looking dude with the greasy looking hair. Real stereotypes.

It's a tight run thing. If everything goes to plan you'll only have a few moments to dash down the final flight of stairs, out of the doors and into the waiting taxi.

On to the airport and aboard the plane where you could be hi-jacked. If so, open your trusty bag and hand the hijackers what they want.

Once the plane lands, and if you're still alive, you'll be taken to the Casino where you have to play Jackpot, Boule and Craps. They're all games of chance so this is the part of the game which is totally out of your hands. You just have to choose the numbers and symbols and hope for the best. This Casino end game is the weakest part of the package.

It's a pity. You'll find the first two sections of Inheritance fun but be really let down by the third.

Overall: 5/5

Summary: Innovative strategy game with stylish graphics. Parts 1 and 2 are ace, but be prepared to find Part 3 is real iffy.

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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