Double Dragon II: The Revenge

by Paul Ranson, Peter J. Ranson
Virgin Games Ltd
Sinclair User Issue 94, Jan 1990   page(s) 44

Label: Virgin Mastertronic
Author: In House
Price: £8.95
Memory: 48/128/+3
Joystick: various
Reviewer: Garth Sumpter

What complete drivel! That was the cry that went up for Double Dragon the first time it somersaulted onto the streets over a year ago and landed flat on its face (although it still seemed to sell a lot of copies.) Well the boys are back in town and they're meaner than a gorilla with a tree wedged up his bottom (sideways!!) There can be few people who haven't played the arcade and even less who have not seen it or at least heard of it. But, for the benefit of the three of you who have just arrived on the planet, that's you Zob, Xanack and Borlock, here's the lowdown....

Billy and Jimmy our two heros are back on the streets but so are the Black Warriors, the band of weapon totin' meanies that kidnapped Billy Lee's girlfriend Marian, in DD 1. Their leader, the gun totin' Willy, is particularly mean and in a vary bad mood as he's been recently raised from the dead and it's given him a murderous hangover which has sharpened his need for revenge.

So he's kidnapped Marrion again and taken her to his secret base - but this time he's murdered her and entombed her remains in a magic field. Talk about nasty!

Our two, Shinto twin brothers must kick, punch, and gouge their way to Marion to release her and, using their Shinto powers, pump up the volume on her body so they can all leap into a space time continuum and live a happy and rewarding Shinto life.

The game is either a one or two player game, with control being selected from the menu. A lone player can have two brothers under control from just one joystick. but this makes things quite tricky. As they make their way towards Willies hideout, members of the gang will try to stop them in their tracks using whatever means they have at their disposal. Spades, daggers, whips, grenades, bike chains, you name it and they'll use it against the boys but if they are forced to drop an item, one of our heros can pick it up and deal out a little dirty fighting themselves.

This game is wicked! And uses mindless violence to its upmost. The graphics are large and wall defined, showing all the possible moves that our heros can make to their best ability. There are also soma very nice touches - if one of the lads get hit, then his facial expression changes to one of surprise and worry. I like that - and I like the game: it's a must for any fan of the coin-op and it will provide more than adequate consolation for anyone who bought the first Double Dragon. Rad!

JIM SEZ: 69%"It's alright, but haven't we all seen it a million times before - mind you, it's a damn sight better than Double Dragon 1!".

Graphics: 85%
Sound: 74%
Playability: 90%
Lastability: 89%
Overall: 87%

Summary: The team beat 'em up that knocks all the rest into the middle of next week.

Transcript by Chris Bourne

Sinclair User Issue 119, Jan 1992   page(s) 40

Label: Tronix
Memory: 48K/128K
Price: £3.99
Reviewer: Big Al Dykes

Girlfriends, more trouble than they're worth! Take the case of William Lee, whose girlfriend Marion keeps getting kidnapped by bad guys and mutant meanies. Every time she gets kidnapped Billy and his brother Jimmy have to rescue her. And maahn is it difficult!

I am of course talking about Double Dragon 2. The second in the Double Dragon series of games, Double Dragon 2 has you beating your way through a thong of thugs, using a variety of moves, kicks and punches, to rescue poor Billy's bird.

The original Double Dragon was a pile of old rubbish but this one is much, much better. Unfortunately the graphics and action are really nowhere near as good as the latest game DD III (which is reviewed on pages 48-49), but it's still a really good fighting bash which comes into it's own in two player mode.

Fight it out with the Black Shadow warriors using fists, feet, chains and swords in a battle to the death. Be prepared to spend some time with this game!

Hey, you're right about girlfriends. Mine has just left me for some XR3i driving dude! Good job I've got DD2 to have a blast with!

Overall: 82%

Summary: Not quite in the same class as Double Dragon 3 but miles ahead of the first game. This is a fun beat 'em up that can get a little difficult at times.

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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