Prince Clumsy

by Brian Hartley, Martyn Hartley, Paul Scrivin, Alastair Graham
Cartoon Time
Your Sinclair Issue 52, Apr 1990   page(s) 44


A bit short of the readies? Low on the folding stuff? Totally borassic? Then pop down the Bargain Basement with Marcus Berkmann, and see what goes "Cheep!" (Eh? Ed).

Cartoon Time
Reviewer: Marcus Berkmann

Another of these 'games for younger players' which always seems to mean younger than you for some reason. Actually, Prince Clumsy is quite a giggle - action packed, faster than a speeding walnut, and twice as nutty. There's not a lot of plot (I still don't know where the Clumsy bit comes in) but fortunately there's a lot of game - 90 screens, to be precise. Get through as many of them as you can as fast as you can, killing things before they kill you, and trying to leap onto moving platforms before they move out of range. Avoid the super-glue (sticky), the poison and the ball and chain, and you'll be doing well. It's all very straightforward (brain-power is not required) but for a simple runaround this is niftily programmed and very jolly to play - perfect cheapie fare.

Overall: 71%

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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