Fantasy World Dizzy

by The Oliver Twins, Neil Adamson, David Whittaker
Code Masters Ltd
Your Sinclair Issue 52, April 1990   page(s) 42,43

Barely has the Clinic stopped receiving anguished letters from Spec-chums stick on Treasure Island Dizzy, then those varmints the Oliver Twins have bunged out another of their splendid little games. Dizzy fans should know the score by now, and will no doubt be delighted to learn that this one is well up to scratch - assuming, of course, that you've got the itch. For his third adventure, the Diz ventures forth into an enchanted forest for a quiet walk with Daisy, his bit of All Right. "Snog city!" I hear you cry, but sadly not, as Dizzy, with he spectacularly bad luck, finds that his girlfriend has unceremoniously blagged by the Evil King's trolls. Sheer carelessness, of course, but at least it means another adventure for everyone's favourite egg-based lifeform. As before, this is in traditional arcade adventure mode, Diz has a number of gamesnags to iron out (he's still the greedy little git he always was) and recapturing his luscious young lovely. First, though, he has to escape from the king's dungeon. What has he got to help him? A bejewelled scimitar? A bazooka? A Sherman tank? No - an apple. Ber-rilliant... Still, he can do it with your help, and with the Oliver Twins' no traditional high standards of gameplay and design you should enjoy it as well. Neil Adamson's graphics are appropriately clear and decorative, and while the game hardly pushes back any great barriers it's still a highly enjoyable romp. Not quite a Megagame, but thoroughly recommended all the same.

Overall: 88%

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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