by Christian F. Urquhart, F. David Thorpe, Paul Owens, Bob Wakelin
Ocean Software Ltd
Your Spectrum Issue 8, Oct 1984   page(s) 62

Inside the forbidding castle the contest has begun, and to reach the end of your quest you must successfully complete six levels of play, each time collecting all the fragments of a door which will provide your entrance to the next.

Alex: The graphics aren't all that entertaining, in fact they're downright boring after a while; a bit more thought in the design could have made all the difference. However, execution is very good, with the figures keeping their shape while moving. The idea is based on the arcade game of the same name, and to some extent has been transferred successfully on to the Spectrum. What really lets it down are those monotonous graphics. MISS

Alan G: The playing speed could do with being a bit faster, but the graphics are very well drawn and quite detailed. They're made even better still by the excellent use of colour; they don't dazzle too much, and overall it's a very pleasant screen display. The only thing wrong is the speed at which you fire.

Alan H: This is a direct copy of an arcade game, but there's nothing like it on the Spectrum and it's also a good replica. Technically, it can't be faulted; the graphics are clear and flicker free, the colour is bright and interesting, and there's a tune playing constantly. The speed's sometimes a bit fast which makes it difficult to play, but a joystick would improve matters considerably.

Alex: Miss

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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