by John F. Cain
Firebird Software Ltd
Your Spectrum Issue 12, Mar 1985   page(s) 32

Dave: Booty is a platform game in which you have to move around in the hold of the Black Galleon collecting - not surprisingly - booty. There are 20 holds to empty and, when all have been cleared, you have just 45 seconds to find the key to the next section. Hazards in the game include deadly parrots, ghost pirates and exploding treasure.

Each screen has a number of doors (some of which lead to alternate holds and others which simply get in the way) and there are various numbered keys lying around which can be used to open the corresponding door.

Music plays throughout the game but can be switched off when it gets too annoying. However, now we're onto the annoying features. The thing that really bugged me was that when you die you always return to the first hold.

For the price, Booty is very good value, but it does rather lack addictivity. 2.5/5 HIT

Ross: This represents good value for money. It requires a slightly different approach to other 'ladder and levels' games - but I still didn't find it that compelling. 2/5 MISS

Roger: If only my daily life had 'doors' to escape into the next screen... but cabin boy 'Jim' has to cope with parrots that bode terminal illness reminiscent of the Inland Revenue on heat... 3/5 HIT

Dave: 2.5/5
Ross: 2/5
Roger: 3/5

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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