Blinkys Scary School

by Colin Bestford, Jimmy Parr, K.A., Tink
Zeppelin Games Ltd
Your Sinclair Issue 55, Jul 1990   page(s) 76,77


Fixing a leaky tap in the basement, RICH PELLEY stumbled across a few spooky cheapies clogging up the U-bend. So here they are (damp and slightly mouldy)...

Zeppelin Games
Reviewer: Rich Pelley

If there's ever been a stupid reason for buying a game then I'm looking at him right now. It's Blinky, y'see. He's just the cutsiest ghost in the whole world! You just have to see the way he waddles about all over the place. Ooooh! He's so brill! And if that wasn't reason enough to buy Scary School then I may as well mention that it's pretty super-spiffy too. Well, perhaps not that super-spiffy. Just spiffy.

You play the part of Blinky (of course), Blinky's got to float (or whatever ghosts do) around a castle, find Hamish McTavish, wake him up and haunt him all night, and all because Red Laird McTavish, the scamp, cleared the castle of ghosts a hundred years ago (or something). What's more Blinky has to complete his task in the one evening or he'll be sent back to school for a hundred years, Aaaargh! What a nightmare!

Not that this has got much to do with the game of course. All we've got here is just another platform-and-ladders jobby, splashed with colour and cutsie baddies, it does look very budgety, but then we are down in the basement after all, so why bother looking too closely? Nope, a tidy little number methinks. (And, boy, is he cute!!)

Overall: 78%

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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