by Malcolm E. Evans
New Generation Software
Your Spectrum Issue 6, Aug 1984   page(s) 44

You are the dustman, and must empty all the bins into the dustcart moving slowly down the road. But watch out, some of the houses have dogs, and if they bite you the result will be a limp - slowing your progress.

Johnathan: This is a very colourful game, with excellent graphical representation. It includes some very humourous moments when you go into the houses, but it's not easy. HIT

Mike: It's a great game with superb graphics, a new idea and an extremely enjoyable theme. You're constantly tempted to do little jobs for the householders - not always being rewarded. HIT

Mark: This game can't be praised highly enough. It's totally original and the idea is brilliant - definitely one of this year's best programs. HIT

Johnathan: Hit
Mike: Hit
Mark: Hit

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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