by Adrian Sherwin, Andrew Peckham, Tim Lewis
Bug-Byte Software Ltd
Your Spectrum Issue 7, Sep 1984   page(s) 45

Boris Bee has been captured by the vicious ants and is being held captive somewhere in their nest. Luckily, help is at hand in the shape of cousin Barnabee.

Frank: The idea's quite good, but it's not clear why a bee should be found in an ants' nest. Nevertheless, realistic use of colour, high-standard graphics and a comfortably slow playing speed make playing enjoyable. MISS

Ian: A very addictive game that'll give hours of amusement, even though there are many similar programs on the market. A lot of thought has gone into the graphics. HIT

Phil: Barnabee buzzes sedately around, while the ants and bugs tramp after him. The 'nibbling' sound effects are rather nice and it's well worth buying if only for the superb demonstration of the sound capabilities. HIT

Frank: Miss
Ian: Hit
Phil: Hit

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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