by David J. Anderson, Duncan Sinclair, F. David Thorpe, Ian Morrison, Paul Holmes, Robin Muir
U.S. Gold Ltd
Your Spectrum Issue 17, Aug 1985   page(s) 39

Roger: Five different frothy, gargling, screens of panic-stricken swilling have to be attacked, as you desperately try to get the bevvies in for different classes of rowdy customer. Four bars, catering for Cowboys. Jocks, Punks and Aliens have to be served, but overall behaviour suggests they must all be football supporters...

Thirsty yobboes constantly shuffle up the bars towards you and can be only kept at bay by swift delivery of glasses of the amber nectar. Serve one too many and you get lumbered with a smashed glass. Serve one too few and the irate punter, raving with thirst, sends you for a nasty nose-first trip down the bar. What's more, the wretches chuck their empty glasses at you, and these have to be deftly caught.

And if that ain't enough to put you off hostelry employment for life, there's another transitional screen in which lurks a bandit who shakes up some of the tinnies you're about to open - get a can overdosing on fizziness and you'll be wearing the contents...

The graphics are splendid 3D-ish stuff and the action is blisteringly fast - too fast for poor little me using a keyboard. I got so tired that I just had to go and assault a different barman . 4/5 HIT

Ross: Tapper's a simple little game, but things can get quite hectic and it's extremely addictive. The accompanying graphics and sound are pretty good, but if the dancing girl graphics are meant to attract customers, someone better think again! 4/5 HIT

Dave: I like games that deal with subjects close to my heart - and that means Tapper's got to be a winner. You'll need good co-ordination, though, so there's no slipping away for a quick half before the action starts! 4/5 HIT

Dave: 4/5
Ross: 4/5
Roger: 4/5

Award: Your Spectrum Roger//s Rave of the Month

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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