3D Stock Car Championship

by Alan P. Cresswell
Firebird Software Ltd
Your Sinclair Issue 31, Jul 1988   page(s) 79


And down in the Cheapies Emporium this wee (nothing over £3 considered), is Bristol's answer to Billy Idol, Nat Pryce!

Reviewer: Nat Pryce

3D Stock Cars is very similar in design to all those racing games which have been released recently - SuperSprint, Jet Bike Sim - in that one or two players race little sprites round a course against the computer. At first sight, 3D Stock Cars is a pretty poor clone, with terrible graphics and shoddy presentation. But where it stands out from the crowd is in the depth of play and the realism of the controls, for the computer cars act intelligently- (clever, huh,) to what is happening on the track.

So instead of just finishing the race faster than the computer drones, you can, and must, use some tactics to win. In fact, the more evil the tactics, the more likely you are to win. For instance, turning sharply in front of cars causes them to swerve out of your way - time your swerve correctly and they'll collide with the barriers and hit the other cars as they reverse out! Heh, heh!

Overall: 7/10

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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