BC's Quest for Tires

by Michael Davies, Johnny Hart
Software Projects Ltd
Your Sinclair Issue 1, Jan 1986   page(s) 76,77


If you're on the look out for a simple, unsophisticated slice of arcade action, BC's Quest For Tires may be the game for you. Steve Malone gathers very little moss in his review of Software Project's new Neandertale!

Game: BC's Quest for Tires
Publisher: Software Projects
Price: £7.95
Joystick: Kempston, Protek, Interface II
Keys: Forward/Back - W/Q; Jump/Duck - K/M; Speed Up/Slow Down - W+Enter/Q+Enter.

Next time you get a puncture, don't blow your top. Just think what it must've been like One Million Years BD - Before Dunlop. You'll get some idea from playing BC's Quest For Tires, the prehistoric program from Software Projects. So, prepare for a distinctly bumpy ride.

The first thing that'll strike you about the game is that the graphics have a distinctly cartoonish feel about them. Hardly surprising really as our stone-age hero is the hero of Johnny Hart's BC newspaper comic strip. Here our hero sets out on his rolling stone to rescue his loved one, jumping and ducking according to the hazards that are thrown at him.

All in all this is a good, competently programmed arcade game. And it'll have you throwing the joystick around the room with frustration as Thor the hero falls flat on his face for the umpteenth time.

Where the game falls down is in the fact that there's just not enough of it. Two days of frantic joystick-juggling or keyboard bashing (and it's addictive enough to keep you at it that long!) will allow most of you to get to the end. And once you've cracked it, it's back to the beginning again – only this time it's just that bit faster. The only trouble is that once you've been at the finish, it doesn't have quite the same air of mystery about it - and then it's on to racking up the points.

Having said all that, this is pure and unadulterated (no added colour, no preservatives) arcade action - and it's still got plenty of natural fizz!

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Graphics: 9/10
Playability: 8/10
Value For Money: 9/10
Addictiveness: 8/10
Overall: 8/10

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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