by Don Priestley
DK'Tronics Ltd
Your Spectrum Issue 19, Oct 1985   page(s) 47

Dougie: At first sight, this game looks outsize! Everything is BIG! But this trauma soon passes as you come to terms with the idea that not everything has to be four pixels high and, well, who wants to wear glasses anyway.

Everyone's here - Popeye himself, Olive Oil, Bluto, the dragon... Ah! Well, this is where we veer away from the 'Bluto chases after Popeye's girls, Popeye eats the spinach and punches out Bluto' theme.

This multi-screen adventure has got firebreathing dragons, wicked witches, bugeyed monsters and all sorts of other nasties. The idea is to walk Popeye around, jumping up for hearts to take back to Olive, keys and cans of spinach, and keep out of everyone's way. Especially Bluto's. Whenever I went near that particular man-mountain, he thumped me - unfortunately, in the game the cans of spinach are used to revive poor ol' Popeye rather than giving him the strength he needs to return Bluto s compliments.

Once you've got control of the Popeye character, you can walk him all over the place, up and down stairways, shinning up and down ropes... except when you come up against a locked door. At this point, you've got to retrace your steps and search out one of the keys.

To be honest, I wasn't too impressed at first... but then I started uncovering all sorts of locations behind the locked doors and a whole new set of nasties. Not being able to see all the locations at the start does make the game more interesting.

There seems to be a slight problem with the colours - figures often blend in with the background. But the characters are fun, and their movements are both clever and full of humour. 8/10

Rick: A hit, oil be bound, and there are plenty of hits and lists in Popeye!. The world's first ever vegetarian body-builder has been honoured with a game that's pretty to look at, and pretty dull to play. 4/10

Ross: Going round guzzling the green stuff all to get the goil is a good idea - and the cartoon graphics add to the fun. I'd spend the green stuff (no, not the spinach) on this game! 8/10

Ross: 8/10
Rick: 4/10
Dougie: 8/10

Award: Your Spectrum Dougie//s Rave of the Month

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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