Infernal Combustion

by Charles Goodwin, Robin Grenville Evans
Strange Loop
Your Spectrum Issue 6, Aug 1984   page(s) 45

The aim here is to run around a house putting out fires, using either a bucket of water or a fire extinguisher. The bucket, of course, needs filling up from the taps. You can pick things up for bonus points.

Mark: The idea of putting out fires is quite good, but the finished product doesn't really match. The speed, sound and colour can be described as pleasing. MISS

George: This is an original scenario for a computer game, but it could have been improved by making better use of colour and graphics. HIT

Robert: The graphics could be better, colour is used well to make the fires and all the action seems very real, but not overpowering. Unfortunately, the scoring is rather difficult to understand and, for me, still remains a mystery. MISS

Mark: Miss
George: Hit
Robert: Miss

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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