by David O'Connor, HO, Phil Gascoine
Your Sinclair Issue 25, Jan 1988   page(s) 105

Reviewer: Nat Pryce

It's just not fair. There you were, a benevolent wizard ruling your peaceful little village, when an evil wizard popped out of the blue, devastated the place, enslaved your subjects, cast you out with no spells and transformed you into some inhuman, grotesquely ugly form! (And I thought it was hell on the bus this morning! Ed) While you were wandering around feeling sorry for yourself, you just happened to come across a page from your spell book, which gave you a chance to regain your power... and p'raps save the villagers as well.

So off you go into the mythical lands of the arcade adventure, for pritheee, squire, 'tis one of those. Outcast sadly, contains nothing that lifts it above the trillions of other arcade adventures the Speccy has played host to over the years. As the wiz you move though the different zones which make up the landscape around your village, collecting objects and spells. Some objects combine to make others which allow you into 'locked' areas Of the game. Spells are just used to kill nasties which come at you from all directions. Unlike those in Feud they have no mystical or exciting uses, which is a bit disappointing.

Outcast's presentation isn't bad, but the graphics, though fast, flicker a little and suffer the occasional colour class. This doesn't stop the game from being quite playable, but I found no lasting appeal. There's just not enough variety to keep you coming back for more. And for full price these days, I think we expect that.

Graphics: 6/10
Playability: 7/10
Value For Money: 5/10
Addictiveness: 4/10
Overall: 6/10

Summary: Drab and unoriginal arcade adventure that suffers from a serious lack of addictive qualities. By no means a wizard wheeze!

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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