by Janet Porch, John Darnell, Nicole Baikaloff, Simon Freeman, John Smyth
Mastertronic Ltd
Your Sinclair Issue 11, Nov 1986   page(s) 34


Hog dang it boys, it's cowboys and injuns ime in the good ol' Wild West! Your job, as Sheriff, is to make peace with the Indians.

In the first stage, for some reason, you have to shoot birds, which you do using a targetting system designed by a squint eyed hillbilly. Line this up with a bird and you'll miss every time! if, by some remote chance, you hit three of the pesky things, you're rewarded with a peace token and you get the chance to go on to the next stage.

This involves you galloping into town on your trusty steed, avoiding cactus bushes on your way. Once there, you have to shoot it out with the local desperadoes - not an easy task as you're back to the silly target system, and your foes are tiny and very hard to see as they pop in and out of buildings. Once you've wiped them all out, you have to gallop to the front of a speeding train to stop it - only then will the Indians agree to smoke the peace pipe!

There are three levels, with the action speeding up the higher you go. The backgrounds are luridly coloured, making it hard to see what's going on, and there are some awful attribute problems. Added to which, it gets dreadfully repetitive! Anyone with any games playing experience will find this no challenge at all. Good for shooting practice only!

Graphics: 3/10
Playability: 3/10
Value For Money: 2/10
Addictiveness: 2/10
Overall: 3/10

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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