Huxley Pig

by Paul A. Bellamy, Richard Stevenson
Alternative Software Ltd
Your Sinclair Issue 64, Apr 1991   page(s) 79


RICH PELLEY and JON PILLAR are at it again and they want us to join on. Oo-er. (So bring along an extra lightbulb just to be safe.)

Reviewer: Rich Pelley

Poor old Huxley Pig, eh? Horace (the rotten rodent) has left the front door open, and all the creepy crawlies are running around the house. Also Vile Vincent (the vampire pig) has hidden all of Huxley's favourite toys, and Sidney the Snake has hidden Huxley's pilot, chef and sailor outfits. Huxley will now have to find the toys and items of clothing otherwise he won't be able to have any more of his super daydream adventures.

A game for slightly younger players here, I presume. It reminds me a bit of the rather old (and now retired) Pyjamarama, as the idea is to walk around a simple and colourful house collecting objects as you go. not only 3 toys and 3 sets of clothing to complete the game, but also the cross (to get past Vincent the Vampire), a spanner (to get past Horace the Rodent) and the first aid box (in case Sidney the Snake bites you) in order to do this. The objects are set in random places, and would be a doddle to find if it wasn't for the creepy crawlies scampering along the floor who drain your points all the time. The biggest flaw in the whole thing has to be that Huxley moves so damn slowly. I don't know why this is but it's extremely irritating, that's for sure, and makes it very hard indeed to avoid the creepy crawlies.

Apart from this, the rest of the game is blimmin' easy (even in hard' mode) and excruciatingly boring into the bargain. However, rumour has it that there are 3 other games on the other side of the tape which involve our Hux flying about in a plane, baking a pizza and driving about in a speedboat. I haven't had the opportunity to play these yet as you have to finish the first game first. But I'm sure they're as fun as this one - ie not very. If the telly program of Huxley Pig is as boring, repetitive and unaddictive as the game, then I don't think I'll ever bother watching that either.

Overall: 30%

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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