Finders Keepers

by David Jones, Ray Owen, John Smyth
Mastertronic Ltd
Your Spectrum Issue 15, Jun 1985   page(s) 56

Dave: Judging by the standards of the early cheapo games you would've been forgiven for thinking someone had misheard 'budget' for 'bodge-it'.

This game certainly changes all that. There's nothing particularly new about it - we've seen platform games before (Just a few! Ed) but there are a number of unusual differences.

For a start, not all the playing area is divided into rooms - there are some rather nice scrolling mazes tucked away in there.

Then there's an extra element to the game that really makes it. Some of the objects that you'll find combine to make a third, and you can then start bartering for other bits with the Castle traders.

The whole point of all this hunting and haggling is that you have been sent by the king to find a birthday present for his daughter.

The 'finders keepers' of the title just means that once you've nabbed the treasure, you can stash it away for yourself. It's a shame we're not informed of the king's reaction to this bit of private enterprise.

Fortunately, the plot ain't that important so you're not likely to lose your head. So, if you find it, keep it! 5/5 HIT

Roger: I'd rather have kept the king's daughter than her birthday prezzies but hopping about to cop the loot was worth it anyway. 4/5 HIT

Ross: A colourful, well presented game. Searching for treasure gives that bit extra to life above the competition - and at this price, it deserves to be a... 4/5 HIT

Dave: 5/5
Ross: 4/5
Roger: 4/5

Transcript by Chris Bourne

Your Computer Issue 3, Mar 1985   page(s) 39

Spectrum 48K

If you've never played a platform game, then this might be worth a try. Your quest is to travel round the castle of Spriteland, collecting up treasures which the King has carelessly left scattered around his castle.

There are the usual collection of baddies trying to kill you, a maze and a large number of screens. You can only carry five objects at a time, and you can then trade them for cash, or be a good fellow and return them to the king.

Overall: 3/5

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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