Fantastic Voyage

by John R. Edmonds, Steinar Lund
Quicksilva Ltd
Your Spectrum Issue 15, Jun 1985   page(s) 54

Ross: Like the film of the same name, this game finds you inside the body of a scientist in a last-ditch bid to stop him kicking the bucket. Unfortunately the minaturisation process hasn't worked too well and your submarine-come-surgical scalpel has broken up and been scattered through the body. Your task is to re-assemble the sub and to keep your host alive.

You swim around the tubes and intestines wearing a wet suit and flippers, and carrying a laser - it gives a whole new meaning to a life-saving swim. The laser is vital as it's your only means of knocking-out the body's defence system. Also watch out for your own energy levels - if they drop too low, you become invisible and you'll have to find some red blood cells to replenish them. The host body is also under attack from infections that cause a rise in temperature and eventual death if not treated rapidly, so be prepared to launch a rush rescue mission to blast the anti-bodies.

You'll also have to deal with growths, cholesterol blockages and viruses - it's enough to persuade you to chuck it all up now! Biology was never this boring, so don't go forking out an arm and a leg on this one. Rigamortis set in far too swiftly. 2/5 MISS

Roger: Slithering round inside somebody's vitals looking for diseased tissue and scrap metal ain't my idea of fun... 2/5 MISS

Dave: Is this the first game to be written in body language? Shame that it's missing a couple of things that were in the film - Raquel Welch, for example! 2/5 HIT

Dave: 2/5
Ross: 2/5
Roger: 2/5

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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