Dynamite Dan

by Rod Bowkett, Steinar Lund
Mirrorsoft Ltd
Your Spectrum Issue 19, Oct 1985   page(s) 42

Ross: Hallo... what have we got here then? Looks like a man of that all too familiar Jet Set Willy ilk! But hang on! This Dynamite Dan chap is decidedly more dynamic than his earlier rivals. Why do I say that when the basic idea is a collecting-objects-from-a-many-roomed-building- clone? Good question, but the mission that Dynamite Dan takes on is pretty high on the excitement stakes! You'll find that this is the very cornflour of a Bond-movie-type plot when you get to grips with the story. The courageous DD is out to rescue the plans for a deadly weapon stolen by the dastardly, devilish Doctor Blitzen. As Mr Dan himself you have to land your Zeppelin on the castle's rooftop, way up on a cliff. You must then gather together as much dynamite as you can to blow that safe where the plans are, sky-high!

So what else is new in Dynamite Dan? This man is a pretty big sprite, and pretty spritely he is too! His movements beat other games literally by leaps and bounds as he boosts his jumping power by springing, Zebedee style on trampolines and bouncy floors!

The screens are bright and colourful and as funny and action-packed as any I've seen. Dynamite Dan is a bit of a tricky one that makes you try and try to beat those screens. Not quite explosive, but plenty of fun. 7/10

Rick: Achtung! Achtung! Dynamite Dan, the man you've never heard of is coming to town! Wait till you hear the music on this good-humoured-family frolic, you'll be hooked immediately! 6/10

Dougie: It seems that Mirrorsoft has taken all the good bits from the classics and bunged them all in together. Great stuff! 8/10

Ross: 7/10
Rick: 6/10
Dougie: 8/10

Transcript by Chris Bourne

Your Computer Issue 9, Sep 1985   page(s) 34

Platform Game

There is certainly plenty here on the menu: eggs, cocktails, fruit, cheese, cake, ice cream, tea, soup - certainly the greatest variety of cuisine ever encountered by anyone trying to stay alive in on arcade adventure game.

Plenty of interesting things to pick up as well - credit card, deodorant, test tube, oxygen, dynamite - of course - and the top secret plans.

As Dynamite Dan you must thwart the plans of Donna and Blitzen (gedditt?) as they try to take over the world. The top secret plans are for a super psychon mega-ray; Dynamite Dan must garner eight sticks of dynamite so he can bust into the safe where the plans are kept. As you guide the prospective peterman in his odyssey, plenty of ugly insects, acrobatic hydrae and other nasties assail him.

You should also beware of attacks of negative buoyancy - Dan can't swim - warning beeps indicate imminent starvation.

An interesting permutation on the theme is the use of trampolines at strategic points in the game - you can bounce around to your heart's content.

Overall: 3/5

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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