by Spike, Michael Owens
Zeppelin Games Ltd
Your Sinclair Issue 36, December 1988   page(s) 55

This is the first Zeppelin game we've ever seen and at first glance its pretty good! It's got loads of well-animated graphics whizzing glitchlessly about on interesting backgrounds and there are even a few sound FX to help the action along.

The gameplay is on a par with the presentation too. Each new screen is a little more challenging than the last which makes it real compulsive playing.

Draconus would have been great except for one hiccup in the gameplay's implementation - there are two characters, one of which can only be brought into play once you've a particular object in your pocket and the main character is standing on a special slab. It doesn't work! Shame really as it could have been quite good if you could complete it!

Overall: 3/10

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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