Super Seymour Saves the Planet

by Nick Thompson, PG, PP, Peter J. Ranson, Shaun G. McClure
Code Masters Ltd
Crash Issue 96, Feb 1992   page(s) 58

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's that small blobby creature with a funny grin - Super Seymour! Our very own Clark Kent, Nick Roberts, goes pad in hand to investigate this new phenomena (he's gonna get arrested if he keeps sneaking into phone boxes to put knickers on over his trousers - Ed)...

Code Masters
£3.99 cass

Is there nothing this cartoon character can't do? Not content with being the latest star to come from the Code Masters stage school or having his own arcade adventure, he has to dive into a nearby phone box, don cloak and mask and become a super hero!

You can't blame him, though, someone's got to save the Earth from destruction. The seas are becoming polluted, the ozone layer's crumbling away and Big Macs still give you terrible indigestion. Super Seymour sets out to rights these wrongs with special powers the gods have given him.

The polluted lands have created buckets of toxic waste which have been dumped around the game's levels. There's so much of the stuff that new lifeforms have begun to emerge; terrible creatures with lots of arms and legs stalk the screens, a bit like tax men after cash.


Luckily, Seymour has the powers to deal with these new menaces. He possesses a Super Blow (missus), Super Spit (ik!), Super Snare, Super Sprint (wasn't that a coin-op?!) and Super-Duper Leap.

The games split into many single-screen levels. Mutants walk around the platforms and our hero bounces around the screen clearing them away. If Seymour uses Super Blow, he takes a deep breath and blows the nasties off their perch so he can jump on them. Spit takes the pips from fruit collected and fires them out at high speeds, Snare traps the little beggars so Seymour can stamp on them. Sprint speeds him up and gives an attacking move, and the big Leap lets him jump straight to the top of the screen!


Our Seymour's as cute and cuddly as ever in his new adventure and he still has all those excellent expressions as he jumps about the screen. All sprites are well animated and there's a surprising amount of colour in them, although things do clash now and then.

It's been noted around the office that Super Seymour is along the lines of the Spectrum classic, Bomb Jack. There are similarities, but with the new ecological theme and great graphics programmers Big Red Software have crammed in, things are brought up to date with a bump.

Anyone who's played Seymour At The Movies will have fallen in love with Codies newest character and want more of him. This is a great follow-up game, avoiding the Dizzy trap of producing a game along the same lines as the original. This doesn't mean we don't want another cartoon adventure starring this guy, though - the more the merrier as far as the CRASH team are concerned. Seymour's set to be a big, exciting star!

NICK [84%]

You'll believe a potato... sorry, a man can fly! Yep, Seymour is back in a game that owes something to that crusty hit of yesteryear, Bomb Jack. The spud-shaped, buck-toothed hero looks very cute in his cape and mask (a King Edward version of Batman, methinks). On the other hand, the mutated meanies are an evil-looking bunch of swines, who want nothing more than to send Seymour to play his little golden harp in heaven. Graphically, Super Seymour is excellent, especially the backdrops that change from level to level. It's frustrating to begin with but it isn't long before ol'spud head is sproinging around without a care in the world. Super Seymour's a great value for money game that all gamesplayers will love.
MARK [90%]

Presentation: 84%
Graphics: 87%
Sound: 84%
Playability: 85%
Addictivity: 84%
Overall: 86%

Summary: A fun little arcade game starring the latest and greatest of computer cartoon characters.

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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