Fast Food

by The Oliver Twins, Neil Adamson, Adrian Ludley, David Whittaker
Code Masters Ltd
Crash Issue 63, April 1989   (1989-03-30)   page(s) 83

Another playable Code Masters release is Fast Food (68%). Despite the strange moniker, this is actually a souped-up version of Pac-Man! The hero, however, resembles that old egghead, Dizzy. Hamburgers chase the oval hero around many mazes, while he tries to eat all the other food. Special abilities may be obtained, including burger-eating, by collecting various objects. What really disappoints is the pedestrian pace at which the action takes place. But amusing, animated screens every three levels provide an incentive to keep playing. The neat presentation is improved further on 128K machines by the inclusion of a neat in-game tune.

Overall: 68%

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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