Chevy Chase

by Nigel Speight, Peter Frith
Hi-Tec Software Ltd
Crash Issue 92, Sep 1991   page(s) 56

A game full of rubber-burning, wheel-spinning, handbrake-pulling, garage-stopping action in a classic Chevvy automobile. Who better to review it that the rad racer himself, Nick Roberts?!

Hi-Tec Software

Before you ask, this game has nothing at all to do with a certain actor that appeared in The Three Amigos. Oh no, for this is a spiffy car racing game in which you get to drive a classic car through the roads tithe US to reach your girlfriend.

You start off the game in Fresco, your home town, and the idea is to reach Long Beach to meet your girlfriend as she finishes work at the Beachside Driven Diner (something I do every weekend).

A '59 Chevvy Belair is your wheels for the four levels, each one divided into four sections to speed through. These consist of tree-lined roads, dirt tracks, the Mojave Desert, the outskirts of LA and along the sea front at Long Beach.


Each stage of the game has a set time limit. Fail to meet it and your girlfriend won't be too happy, so you're going to have to put your foot to the floor and get the most out of your Chevvy.

The other drivers on the roads don't help much. I reckon they're all anoraked Skoda drivers because they travel at a snail's pace and wobble all over the road. Overtaking the other cars is a must and can be very tricky when two of them huddle together and block your way.

Obviously, all this rough driving takes its toll on the old Chevvy and stopping at garages along the way is essential. At each stop you can pick up a special 'soup-up' option to improve the cars performance. A new bumper stops you slowing down so much when you hit another car, tyres give better grip when cornering, nitro boost improves acceleration, fuel injection increases the top speed and auto gears saves you having to bother with the gear stick.


Chevvy Chase allows you to choose the type of car you want to play with and select its colours, which is really neat as many people moan about boring monochrome and lack of colour variety.

Chevvy Chase provides a challenge for all car racing fans. You really have to concentrate on your driving to beat the clock and running out of time just before the checkpoint is annoying but makes you want to try again. This game makes a change from the usual Formula 1 or sports car racing and - hurrah! - it's great value for money.

NICK [76%]

I love classic American cars and would give an arm and a leg for one of these Chevvys in real life. But, alas, one has to stick with the rather good game. The sprites are big and bold, especially the player's vehicle, and unlike Paris To Dakar, obstacles are few and far between. Scrolling is fast and creates a sense of speed, although the computer driven cars do their best to thwart your plans. My only slight whinge is the weird background colour schemes that appear from time to time. I can cope with blue sky and green grass, but orange and red skies freak me out, I'm afraid. I'll give Chevvy Chase a thumbs-up - I think I'll take it home with me (ta-ra!)
MARK [78%]

Presentation: 75%
Graphics: 77%
Sound: 67%
Playability: 75%
Addictivity: 76%
Overall: 77%

Summary: A fun race game using a car we haven't seen computerised before.

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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