Boulder Dash Construction Kit

by Chris Gray, Peter Liepa
Crash Issue 81, Oct 1990   page(s) 39

HiTec Software

Boulder Dash is a simple but highly addictive game type, with a cult following, and this is the latest in the saga, complete with construction kit. The object is to search through labyrinthian caves and collect a set number of diamonds before progressing to the next level. Sounds easy, but it isn't!

Graphics are nothing special - what makes the game is the infuriating way you can get so far then get tripped and have to start the whole cave again: this keeps you coming back for more, and more! The caves are full of sand and once you've wiped it away it forms a path for all the pasties to follow. The longer you make the path the further they have to go, giving you more time to set diamonds.

The construction kit part allows you to build up your own caves or write your name in blocks (woo!), whatever takes your fancy. Instructions are easy to follow and the building block method of construction is something everyone can master.

Definitely one for all fans of Boulder Dash games - new players will soon be addicted!

Overall: 73%

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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