by Gareth J. Briggs, Kevin Franklin, Michael Owens, Richard Beston
Zeppelin Games Ltd
Crash Issue 65, Jun 1989   page(s) 21

Zeppelin Games

You, alone or with a friend, must undertake a suicide mission that will literally save your life(?!). Not as silly as it sounds: You're a man condemned to death who can save his own neck by searching the planets of the Czokan System for teleport crystals.

Not much of a choice and it's tough with a plethora of enemy craft swooping and swirling around you. But help is at hand with a variety of weapon pods to pick up to amass a pretty devastating range of armament. The ultimate aim is to find the fabled Zybex crystal so that you can once again live as a free man.

Zybex is full of the elements you expect in a shoot-'em-up, frenetic action, blood thirsty alien hordes and plenty of obstacles to crash into if you think you're a smart git and want to dodge round the aliens 'cos there are too many of 'em. Zybex is good value for money, take a look at it today.

Overall: 87%

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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