Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles

by Alan Tomkins, David Perry, Nick Bruty, Sound Images
Image Works
Crash Issue 84, Jan 1991   page(s) 66

Image Works

It's those heroes in a half shell (as if you didn't know with all the hype going on) in their own computer game! Take control of either Donatello, Leonardo, Raphael or Michaelangelo and have a right good bash at Shredder and his army of maniacs.

Your job is to rescue the lovely April O'Neil, captured by Shredder. This means venturing through the sewers of downtown New York and doing battle with various nasties, collecting weapons as you go.

The game is split into different sections. You start off by running around the streets of the city, viewed from overhead, and have to dive down the nearest sewer or pop into a nearby house. Then you move onto the main part of the game with the turtles spinning and dashing about, killing anything in sight. Here the graphics are great - colourful and very fast. If you successfully fight off Bebop it's into an underwater scene where you have a set time to defuse a collection of bombs.

The variations in viewpoint and gameplay between the sections will keep you interested for ages, you just can't help having one more go to see if you can get a little further.

There are loads of mutated animals everywhere: deformed turtles, rats, rhinos and frogs to name but a few! This game of the film of the cartoon of the comic isn't bad. It's a kind of Dan Dare III with green blokes running about! Graphics and playability are its strongest points. Full colour sprites are perfectly animated over the parallax background, making it hard on the eyes at times but much better than resorting to monochrome. The main disadvantage is having to repeat the same monsters in the same sewers every time you play. This makes it repetitive and if you keep getting stuck in the same place you'll soon get fed up.

Playing the game can be a very frustrating affair. You get so wound up when you keep getting killed in the same place you'll rip your hair out! Still, after a short cooling-off period you'll definitely be coming back for more because the gameplay is sooooo addictive. Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles is the best fun I've had for ages. However, after just a day's play I completed the game so a few more missions wouldn't have gone amiss. Nevertheless, Turtles is still highly recommended.

NICK [80%]

Yo dudes, the pizza-munching turtles are here, Heathcliff, Arthur, Frederick and George... er, Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Raphael and Donatello. I'm slightly miffed that the arcade coin-op scenario wasn't used, but this game is very playable. The different missions are tough and very challenging, but they start fairly simply with the rescue of April O'Neil. The evil creatures are difficult to kill and you can lose a lot of energy on the first few levels, but if you change turtles as soon as energy levels drop, capture is avoided. If you aren't totally sick of the blasted things, purchasing Turtles is a smart move - it's fabuloso!
MARK [80%]

Presentation: 87%
Graphics: 83%
Sound: 79%
Playability: 82%
Addictivity: 82%
Overall: 80%

Summary: Order your pizzas because it's going to be a long night, playng this non-stop!

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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