by Adrian R. Shaw, David A. Shaw, Graham D. Shaw, John Hay
Atlantis Software Ltd
Crash Issue 67, Aug 1989   page(s) 43


This is the latest game by The Shaw Brothers, the programming team who brought you such delights as Tank Command, Gunfighter, Cerius, Heartbroken and Kosmos (ooo, the skwibbly game!). And being in the same graphical style as these, Superkid is bound to be a hit with budget fans too.

New York 2089AD is no change from today: The streets are littered with the dead bodies of innocent citizens and thugs as the street gangs conduct open warfare. What is needed is an old fashioned superhero to save the day (and do a bit of street sweeping to clear up the gungy mess!).

Meanwhile in Professor Ian Stein's (ha!) lab, a potion allowing humans to fly has just been created. Mistaking it for a bottle of lemonade, the prof's nephew, Tom Essex, swigs it down and turns into... Superkid. With his new super powers Tom goes around the 3 areas of each city, beating up the baddies, guiding grannies back to the rest home and saving girlies from the tops of buildings. Being such a hard nut, all Superkid has to do to kill a villain is run into him with his fist. Once all the areas are cleared, he must return to battle with the remaining gang members, but this time they are tougher, and it's night time!

Superkid is a fun little game with nicely coloured graphics and jolly sound. The programmers have catered for alt tastes with the option of choosing monochrome in different colours too. The trouble is that you soon tire of just rescuing the girls and guiding the grannies. Fun for a while at the price.

Overall: 73%

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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