by Andrew Severn, Ian Sheridan, Jabba Severn, Paul Griffiths, Peter Austin, Simon Daniels, Sonja Knight
Players Premier
Crash Issue 72, Jan 1990   page(s) 58

Players Premier
£2.99 cass

No crowded American beaches or floating heads in this game (awww!): this is a different type of Shark. In fact it's an amazing prototype submersible (a submarine to us mere mortals!), and you're its pilot. The evil Snake Brothers are the source of your troubles as they've overrun the top secret base Atlantic 5. You must now free the base from these slimy customers.

The game is played in a Cybernoid sort of way with the Shark moving around each screen in turn, and weapons having to be selected then used against the enemy. All the graphics are excellent. The detailed sprites and good use of colour make the game very attractive. Presentation is also up to the usual Players standard and very slick indeed.

There are three levels, each played in a similar way but with different objectives. I found it very difficult to select the weapons and kill some enemy to begin with. You usually end up in a right muddle. Some of the ways weapons explode and fire are excellent, even if most of the time they don't have the slightest effect on the enemy! A good tune on the title screen and plenty of sound effects add atmosphere to the endless shooting. Shark is a good, fun game and will provide all shoot 'em up fans with a reasonable challenge.

Overall: 80%

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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