Shadow Warriors

by Mark Edwards, Matt Furniss, Mike Talbot, Bob Wakelin
Ocean Software Ltd
Crash Issue 80, Sep 1990   page(s) 48


From the Tecmo coin-op Shadow Warriors bursts forth in an all kicking, all punching martial arts extravaganza!

The Shadow Warriors are an elite troop of fighters skilled in the ancient martial art of Ninjitsu. But the greatest Shadow Warrior's powers have been possessed by a demon, and is causing havoc in the six roughest, toughest neighbourhoods of New York City. As the next strongest fighter it's up to you to thwart the demon's evil actions and eliminate his stormtroopers.

As soon as you begin, thugs wearing Friday The 13th fright masks are all to keen to knock seven bells out of you. But you don't wear those espadrillas for show - a range of combat moves are at your disposal including The Phoenix Baddflip, Tightrope Technique and The Flying Neck Throw.

Objects litter the playing area and by flinging your assailants at them they explode and reveal handy objects. These include extra lives, a sword, extra energy and icons to freeze time.

Yes, your old mate time is against you as you rush to complete a section of each level, and hurry is the name of the game: time is short indeed.

At the end of level ones a fat Sumo wrestler has too be defeated before continuing on your quest for truth, justice and the chance to kick a few heads in.

There seem to be few colourful Speccy games around these days, but you didn't have to go this far to compensate, guys. The glare from the screen has to be seen to be believed, sun specs ahoy! The main character is well drawn and animated, but everything is so garishly coloured. After Sly Spy-Secret Agent and Midnight Resistance, Shadow Warriors is, to me, a bit of a let down. Unlike Nick I'm tired of these Ninja style games and it would take something pretty special to fire my interest...

MARK [70%]

Yeah, Ninja games, doncha just love 'em?! Shadow Warriors is no exception with level after level of scrolling ninja fun. One thing that does make this spree stand out from the crowd is the excellent use of colour. It's been cleverly programmed so there's no clash, even though the screen is packed full of all the colours on the Speccy! The game itself holds no surprises. There's nothing we haven't seen before. All you have to do is kill the baddies on the level and progress through to meet the Mr Big whom you must splat to go on. Elements of the game are frustrating, especially in combat: you have to get your punch in first or the baddy will start hitting you and there is no way to stop him, except dying of course. The game does improve a little when you start collecting weapons to batter your enemies with. As a conversion of the arcade machine, Shadow Warriors is really outstanding and will give all Ninja fans a real challenge.
NICK [78%]

Presentation: 70%
Graphics: 73%
Sound: 67%
Playability: 70%
Addictivity: 71%
Overall: 74%

Summary: Outstanding colourful conversion of more Ninja antics - tough on play.

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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