by Adrian R. Shaw, David A. Shaw, Graham D. Shaw
Atlantis Software Ltd
Crash Issue 74, Mar 1990   page(s) 48


Become a brave fighter pilot and shoot down attacking fighters, helicopter gun-ships and various other nasty things in Seahawk from The Shaw Brothers. You must wipe out all he enemy supply lines and installations in your battle for victory. All this while dodging the anti-aircraft fire and heat seaking missiles being thrown at you, and there are eight stages of this!

Graphics are small but well detailed and coloured - you could spend hours just flying around looking at the graphics, the only trouble is you'd be shot out of the sky in a few seconds! The main idea in each stage is to destroy whatever is flashed up on screen before you start. The first stage is a ship, the next an electric pilon. Besides you also have to perform five loop-the-loops in your plane if you want to collect the special bonus at the end. There is a reasonable tune to greet you on the title screen and spot effects, mainly when you fire at another plane.

The game is split into two levels, four stages on each. The second level can only be played by getting the special code from the first. The only trouble with this is that by selecting the first the program erases the second! So if you're a good shot and get past level one you have to reload!

Seahawk had me addicted for ages, in fact I'd prefer to play this than many of the full priced games around at the moment. More of the same please Shaw Brothers and Atlantis!

Overall: 80%

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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