RoboCop 3

by Dominic Wood, Hugh Binns, Tony Williams, Jeroen Tel
Ocean Software Ltd
Crash Issue 98, Apr 1992   page(s) 68,69

Serve the public trust. Protect the innocent. Pay your poll tax. Life's full of fun and frolics when you're a lean, mean, fighting machine like Robocop! Nick Roberts is the one running about with a bucket on his head shouting 'Your move, creep'!

£11.99 cass, £14.99 disk

Yup! That baby food eating dude's back on the scene with a brand new game and a brand new face too! Peter Weller, the clever geezer, decided not to star in the third stroll about Delta City so they've had to get a new bloke in. Funny thing is, he's grown some stubble!! Thought RoboCop was supposed to be dead?!

Omni Consumer Products, controllers of the police and creators of the copper-topped cop are up to their old tricks again. They helped drug dealers in the first film and started a crime wave to bankrupt the city in the second.

Now they've bind a new nay to solve the poor and homeless problem: blew the suckers away (good thinking - perhaps I could solve the CRASH staff problem in a similar way - Ed)!

A fierce army of mercenaries have been hired to go into the rundown areas of the city and blast to their hearts' content. To complicate things further, a Japanese company is trying to take over OCP and they've sent a force of robot ninjas to cause more havoc!


The first battle for Mr R Cop is played Operation Wolf style, the houses of downtown Detroit scrolling by and the streets littered with nasty blokes. Blow splatterpunks out of their windows using crosshair sights.

Stop them in their tracks before they lob knives or shoot you in the head for the fun of it (my idea of a party - Ed). Taking shots from the enemy reduces Robocop's efficiency level and gives him a terrible cough!

Dotted around the streets and houses (rainbow climbing-) are power-up tokens to collect and use of each level. A picture of a bedraggled Robo on the toilet appears and clicking on his head, arms, body and legs uses tokens to repair damage.

Once the punks are well and truly splattered, Big Robo moves on to the Rocket Motors factory. This is played as a horizontally scrolling shoot-'em-up similar to the levels in RoboCop 2.

Conveyor belts chug along and bullets come flying from all directions. It's lucky R Cop Esq is fitted with an all-new, super weapon arm with variable attachments and teasmade. Use a flame thrower to barbecue enemies, lob a guided missile in their general direction or laser them into a doner kebab.


Fed up with using his tin legs, Robo pops a jetpack on his back in level three for a quick zoom about clobbering enemies with his size 12s.

The trouble with jet packs is they need juice and the trouble with factory ceilings is there ain't much of it about, so the King of Cops soon comes down to the ground with a CRASH (he found a newsagents hovering in mid-air!).

There's a horrid tank to dispose of at the end of the level but a quick whizz around with an electric whisk and those fish will be turned into soup!(?!)

After all this excitement, Robo decides to take a break and visit an old friend, none other than ED-209 at the top of the OCP tower on level four.

Each floor's packed with robot ninjas doing a bit of ninjing (you what?! - Ed) and are connected by lifts at either side of the play area. The confrontation with Big ED is very similar to scenes in the last two games but fans of the dudes will love paying it out all over again.


RoboCop 3's another excellent game from Ocean. Packed to bursting point with excellent backdrops and lots of animation, it's as slick as Corky's hair all the way through.

To silence the 'Oh no, it's more of the same' brigade, the boys have included a great new jetpack section that takes some getting used to but is great fun to play. And there's Robo's new weapons aim that he can twiddle about with to select impressive firepower.

No one's seen the film in the office yet (it'll probably be out by the time you read this) so we can't comment on how closely it follows to the plot. The five levels form a shoot-'em-up extravaganza, so many styles it will keep all blastaholics happy.

Any self-respecting fan of the RoboCop sates cannot be without this game. In my opinion, it's the best yet.

NICK [89%]

I bet the Blue Peter team was happy when RoboCop was melted down (along with the odd Skoda) to provide a few tins for their old fogey appeal. Don't worry readers I'm only kidding, old tin bonce is back in his third game (and very soon third movie). The title sequence is a corker and the rest of the game isn't too shoddy either. There are elephants... sorry, elements of the previous two games in RoboCop 3 but it's all very spiffy. Robo's old enemy, ED-209 (even deadlier than ED-LUCY) turns up, and makes everyone's life a complete misery. The difficulty's set a touch too high - I only just made it through the first level after umpteen games and a good dose of cheating - but with practice Robos soon blasting all and sundry with his very impressive weapon (!?). Thank gawd I'm one of the innocent citizens Robo protects.
LUCY [88%]

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Presentation: 89%
Graphics: 91%
Sound: 88%
Playability: 90%
Addictivity: 88%
Overall: 89%

Summary: Robo's at it again with trendy helmet and big gun!

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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