by John Anderson, Neil Harris, Richard Allen, Steinar Lund
Martech Games Ltd
Crash Issue 59, Dec 1988   page(s) 183

And rex is so strong!

Producer: Martech
Greenpeace card: £8.99 cass, £14.99 disk
Author: The Light

After Mrs Thatcher's conversion to environmental protection who next you may well ask? How about a hybrid alien that looks like a rhinoceros and carries more guns than Rambo? It's true I tell you, and when Rex hears about a huge Tower belching out pollution on Zenith he has to act.

To get into the Tower (load two) Rex must enter a tunnel heavily populated with enemy soldiers, missiles and gun turrets. Fortunately Rex is armed with a gun, some smart bombs and a shield. The shield has limited energy which can be recharged by standing on special energy platforms. Other platforms, beam pads, rematerialize Rex when he dies, but are often several screens from where Rex was killed. Also to be found are weapons pods which can give double-firing guns, a laser and multidirectional firing. These all consume weapon energy, so it's as well that enemies you've shot, deposit weapons energy bubbles.

Arrows help guide Rex through the tunnel but there's no one way to reach the Tower. If Rex manages to reach the end of the underground complex, he gains access to the second stage where he must set off explosive charges in the Tower, then escape. A code is given at the end of the first stage to preserve your game statistics for the second load.

This is a great mix of arcade/adventure and shoot-'em-up play. The only real problem is its toughness, simply jumping around the cavern's platforms and pads is difficult, while even when Rex is fully armed his enemies are formidable opponents. There's no denying the skill of the programmers, and if you fancy a substantial challenge check it out.

PHIL [78%]

Joysticks: Cursor, Kempston, Sinclair
Graphics: intricately-animated, small sprites run and leap around colourful backdrops
Sound: no tunes but there are plenty of decent spot effects for firing and explosions etc
Options: play part one or two (which needs a pass code from the first level for Rex's vital statistics)

After just a few plays Rex had me totally hooked. The main character is superbly animated and while the graphics are all small, they're also very colourful and well drawn. In fact the only problem with Rex is having to retrace your steps through several screens after every death. Apart from this, Rex is fabulous with loads of utterly amazing weapons and great playability.
NICK [84%]

Warning: this a great looking and highly playable blast-'em-up which is very addictive. It's also pretty darn hard, with lots of pretty sprites dashing on screen to snipe at you unless you get them first. Considering how addictive it is the beam pad problem's all the more irritating, but with the Christmas Hols coming up maybe you need tough challenge.
MARK [85%]

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Presentation: 80%
Graphics: 82%
Sound: 70%
Playability: 81%
Addictive Qualities: 80%
Overall: 82%

Summary: General Rating: Great, challenging action which is also well presented.

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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