Postman Pat

by Barry Leitch, Ian Richards
Alternative Software Ltd
Crash Issue 72, Jan 1990   page(s) 57

Alternative Software

Pom, pom, pom! Yes it's finally arrived - Postman Pat from Alternative. Well, to tell you the truth, the game's been out in the shops for ages (I've even printed tips on it), but we only received a review copy the other day. So was it worth the wait?

As you might expect the game is based around Pat's adventures through the day in Greendale. You start off at the Post Office where Mrs Goggins (who thought these names up?) will tell what to do first. Once you have your orders, off you go. Different tasks must be completed, ultra-exciting things like rounding up sheep for Peter Fogg to boring everyday chores of delivering letters. There are about five tasks in all, and after you've completed them they start repeating themselves. The game ends when the timer gets down to zero.

The game is set out in two different ways. First of all there's the overall map of Greendale and the surrounding countryside that you see from an aerial view. You control Pat's post van in this bit and have to drive around from place to place. Each of the houses, farms and fields are well drawn and coloured, with obstacles like oil and mad people on bikes to avoid. When you reach your destination the view switches to a cartoon scene just like on the telly (well almost)!

Postman Pat caters for all ages because Alternative have included an easy and a hard version. If you play the east version you don't have to worry about hitting the mad biker or oil slicks. A fun gave for a while, but once you've completed all the tasks the novelty soon wears off. What I want to know is where's Jess?

Overall: 62%

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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