Navy Moves

by Deborah, Fernando Cubedo, Ignacio Abril, Javier Cubedo, Jorge Azpiri, Luis Royo
Dinamic Software
Crash Issue 65, Jun 1989   page(s) 14,15


U-5544 has to be destroyed - it simply has to be, because it's a Radar Homing Nuclear Submarine! And there it is, damned well sitting somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean.

So off you go in your rubber dinghy to destroy one of the most powerful and dangerous sea-going vessels ever created. What a brave chap!

The mission seems to be going well, bobbing jollity along the rough sea, when an odd looking purple jellyfish comes along. Only when rapidly flying though space with the ragged bits of your inflatable zooming past do you realise that they are, in fact mines for very explosive jellyfish, at least). These, however, can be jumped over; the problem really starts when those nasty enemy people start bouncing past you on their jet-skis.

Not only that, but they're firing harpoons at you (now you know how the Icelandic whales feel, matey!). As if that wasn't difficult enough (believe me it is, it's nearly impossible!), the next stages include sharks, harpoon-wielding divers, and extremely 'ard octopodes (that's what the dictionary says is the plural of octopus, honest!)...

The game's second-half is altogether easier - the first is very nearly impossible (without POKEs!). The object to wound generals with your rifle - not the flame thrower! - and interrogate them to discover their computer access code. When you've got all the codes, you have to find a computer to tap them into, followed by the appropriate instruction (emerge, open door, etc). All these instructions in the right order and in the right places get the desired results, and the game is complete...

Despite the second level looking very like Dan Dare, Nail Moves is an original, challenging game, and once the first stage is out of the way, it really becomes enjoyable. If it wasn't for the first half's unbelievable difficulty, Navy Moves would be a superb game - it took us days to get onto Level Two - and it's possible this may put off any but the most hardened arcade player. Nonetheless, it's very well programmed, and a game which should be persevered with!


When I first saw it I thought it looked hard, and I was right. But what's the point in having a game that doesn't offer much of a challenge? At least Navy Moves will give you more lastability at this level of difficulty. What's likeable about all Dinamic games is that they come in two parts, and in Navy Moves part two is even better than part one, a great 'explore the different rooms' game in a similar vein to the Saboteur series. All the graphics are of the highest quality, there's plenty of colour... and of course a little clash. Sound is sparse with no tunes, just the odd effect, but I still thoroughly enjoyed the game. An excellent piece of software.

Presentation: 87%
Graphics: 84%
Sound: 76%
Playability: 86%
Addictive Qualities: 86%
Overall: 83%

Summary: After a too-tough first section, the game's of the highest quality.

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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