Multi-Player Soccer Manager

by John Atkinson
D&H Games
Crash Issue 82, Nov 1990   page(s) 56

D&H Games

Get hold of three friends and they can help you play the new D&H game Multi Player Soccer Manager, if not you can play on your own against the computer. As the manager of a struggling fourth division team you must lead your men to the top of the first division and try to win the FA Cup. But to start with Wembley is far away. You control the game with a set of ten icons - they include facilities to train players, buy and sell players, view the league tables and perhaps most importantly of all, check the bank balance.

Your first consideration is to train your players, with this underway you can choose what type of talent scout, physio and coach you want. These go from useless to excellent (depending on price): go for average at first, you can always change later. When your lads are fit to play clicking on the Match icon brings up the results of the day's play. Gate receipts are then tallied and wages can be paid. Be careful, if the board think you're spending all their cash without results you'll be kicked out of the club.

Ten quid for a soccer manager game is expensive, especially with many similar games available on budget labels. So this is really for keen manager types. Don't expect much in the way of action, but a lot of text screens: this is after all that style of game. Still, despite the plethora of very similar product available, soccer management does seem popular, and this version compares favourably.

MARK [50%]

Multi-Player Soccer Manager is yet another football management game. With so many released each month, all looking and playing almost identical. I sometimes wonder what the point is. The inlay boast features like 'crowd violence' and 'weekly balance', but these don't get me very excited.
NICK [40%]

Presentation: 50%
Graphics: 25%
Sound: N/A
Playability: 55%
Addictivity: 60%
Overall: 45%

Summary: A competent, if lacklustre addition to the soccer manager genre.

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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