Lop Ears

by Michael A. Sanderson, Paul Griffiths, Peter Austin, Russell Newman, Sonic Graffiti, Andy Severn
Players Software
Crash Issue 89, Jun 1991   page(s) 42


'Bright eyes, burning like fire...' Yes, we all had a good sing song when Lop Ears came into the office. It's one wicked game and comes complete with a soppy story! Poor little Lop Ears the rabbit went out playing and strayed too far from home. As he tried to make his way back, he discovered a new bypass had been built, blocking his route (awwww!). Now his only hope is the help you can give him.

Lop Ears is in the classic arcade adventure style. The little rabbit bounds about the screen and you have to collect and mix objects and use them in the correct location to progress.

Lop Ears isn't welcome in the pad of the woods he's exploring and the natives keep trying to turn him into rabbit pie. Dogs, squirrels, weasels and birds are all out to make life a misery but luckily he can replenish his energy by munching carrots.

The puzzles seem impossible at first but the more objects you discover, the easier it gets. Common sense is the best way to progress: if you have a tin box and an opener what do you do with it? Open it up, of course!

Every screen is packed with colourful graphics and lots of animation (and looks a bit Dizzy-like, but then I suppose there's only a couple of ways you can draw a tree on the Spectrum!). Lop Ears is a great game that'll keep you occupied for days, definitely one for all mappers!

Overall: 84%

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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