The Inheritance: Panic in Las Vegas

by Gilles Blancon
Crash Issue 41, Jun 1987   page(s) 65

Producer: Infogrames
Retail Price: £9.95
Author: Gilles Blancon

This is another Infogrames product, this time composed of three parts. As with all these games, the lack of instruction is seen as an integral part of the challenge. To progress its best just to start pressing keys and learn from what happens.

Here's some of the everyday story of how our chap, down on his luck, is whisked off to Las Vegas to earn bags loads of money. The buildings were mostly dilapidated, and succeeded each other with monotonous regularity. In his sordid room on the 17th floor in one such squalid building, Peter lay dejectedly on his bed. Debts were mounting up and there was not even a glimmer of hope on the horizon. He hardly dared move outside his room for fear of meeting one of his creditors. With no rent paid for several months the landlady was on the verge of throwing him out. Then a letter arrived with an airline ticket to Las Vegas, £200, and a note explaining the death of his aunt, and how he was the sole heir to her fortune. Just one problem - he has to repeat her achievement of winning a million dollars in one night in Las Vegas.

Part One has a very familiar look to it where the object is to move a cursor round a screen and find items of varying interest. In this case you must pack a bag full of goodies to distribute to the various creditors who prevent you leaving the building for the airport. Giving up to each character what you have borrowed placates them long enough to make good your escape. There are some nice touches here with one set of keys on the keyboard packing and unpacking your bag and separating and sorting the various objects you meet. Movement via doors is achieved by placing the roaming cursor onto a door handle, while placing it on the doorbell in some cases sees a c hap opening his door. If this part is going well it shouldn't be too long before you see the taxi, that is if you don't run out of time, an occurrence of which you will be made fully aware as you will end up buried, dead and gone.

Part Two has you at the airport where you must get your passport, and sees you becoming involved with a hijacker, before leaving and looking for a bus to Vegas. Part Three is pure gambling.

Inheritance is a typically good-looking Infogrames game, consisting of three parts which are played in order, with a code transferred between each. I don't know if I was that much impressed, and remain puzzled at the lack of lucid instructions, even for a reviewer, but no-one can doubt the superb graphics and the clever ideas which have become an Infogrames hallmark.

Difficulty: lack of instruction causes some difficulty
Graphics: very good
Presentation: neat
Input facility: keywords and sentences
Response: okay

Atmosphere: 82%
Vocabulary: 86%
Logic: 86%
Addictive Qualities: 88%
Overall: 86%

Summary: General Rating: Another popular Infograme game.

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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