by David Parsons, Tonal Kaos, Unyon
Atlantis Software Ltd
Crash Issue 91, Aug 1991   page(s) 64

Is there something lurking at the bottom of your garden? There is? Coo! Oh, it's a snail. Well, think on - it could be a demonic horde of hobgoblins (with a myriad of disgusting habits). And here's Nick Roberts to sort them out as he deals out a few pointy sticks at the spooky sprites!


Altoris was a peaceful land, full of loving people who wouldn't hurt a fly, never mind go into battle against hordes of hobgoblins and ghosts. Surrounded on all sides by thick woods and smelly swamps where these nasties lived, the people were under constant attack. What kept them safe was the Golden Orb, a magical bedside lamp-like object that warded off all evil, but now - quelle surprise - its been stolen!

Your father and king of the land of Altoris, King Garath, has summoned you to go after the Golden Orb and restore peace. You'll need to arm yourself heavily for the journey as every step you take brings more danger.


You start off with nothing but a small dagger to defend yourself with, collecting the glowing treasures and daggers that enemies leave behind will increase this to axes, arrows and fireballs. You're blessed with three lives and collecting three glowing skulls will give an extra one to play with.

To take the Golden Orb back from the hobgoblins you have to travel through different types of terrain, shooting all the time in case of a surprise attack. Starting in the woods you have to negotiate stepping stones over a treacherous river and fight your way through a castle to the centre, where the Orb is being held by those evil little monsters. Ooooooooww!


The land of Altoris has some impressive graphics. The block colour method has been used giving a black outline to all the characters but doing away with any hint of colour clash that would otherwise be seen.

I particularly like the way the scenery scrolls by with a mountainscape stationary in the background. It gives a real feeling of depth. What you've basically got with Hobbers (as we affectionately call it) is a cheap and cheerful Ghosts 'N' Goblins look-alike game that could've been in Stars in Their Eyes. It's a bit difficult to start with but hardened slash and bash fans will love every minute of it and that's a fact.

NICK [69%]

At first glance Hobgoblin is okay, but on closer inspection it looks like a game from a few years ago. The sprites are small blobby creations that, while they're at least colourful, carry a black square around them. Gameplay is perilously close to zero. I'm afraid - I only just about stayed awake long enough to play four games in a row and it wasn't until I'd consumed a large cup of coffee that I was able to attempt a fifth. All the game consists of (as far as I can see) is running along shooting a few enemy soldiers, running along a bit further and shooting someone else... (repeat until you fall asleep). Hobbers didn't attract my attention for very long at all.
MARK [31%]

Presentation: 56%
Graphics: 56%
Sound: 37%
Playability: 45%
Addictivity: 48%
Overall: 50%

Summary: Simple, uncomplicated arcade romp affair - too simple for some.

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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