by John Foster
Players Premier
Crash Issue 82, Nov 1990   page(s) 52

Players Premier

Havoc claims to be an 'incredibly realistic Gunship simulation'. It isn't. It is, however, a not bad vertically scrolling shoot-'em-up.

You can control a US AH-64 Apache (the original Gunship) or a Soviet Mi-28 (known as Havoc - hence the title!). Using the up, down, left, right, fire controls take your chosen aircraft into the skies on three missions of ultimate destruction. Y'know the sort of thing - blow up enemy ground installations, annihilate tanks, blast enemy aircraft and generally ravage the landscape. Three weapons are at your disposal: unlimited bullets, limited anti-tank rockets and limited air-to-air guided missiles. Just as important as shooting down your opponents, is remembering not to shoot down your allies. If you do everyone hates you and launches an attack on your aircraft!

Sounds an alright kinds game - what's it play like, then? Alright, really! The playing area is green with black graphics which makes everything look a bit dull, but the action is certainly fast and hectic; the screen is continually swarming with enemy fire! Monochrome strollers never did work too well on the Speccy. Havoc is better than most but doesn't have the thrill power to work you up!

Overall: 66%

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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